How to generate Telemarketing Leads

In spite of its sometimes tarnished reputation, telemarketing constitutes a key lever in the marketing process, especially for B2B companies.

Google searches for Telemarketing

Telemarketing - still alive and well

A survey carried out in December 2011 by B2B Marketing in association with The Telemarketing Company produced some reassuring statistics:

  • Over 50% of respondents have increased their use of telemarketing over the last 12 months
  • 45% of companies surveyed increased their spend on telemarketing in the same period, with 75% saying that this increase has been helped by the economic downturn
  • 75% of respondents use telemarketing to prospect and acquire customers
  • Where to find Telemarketing leads?

    But who acquires leads for the customer acquisition companies? How do you find telemarketing leads, and is this an active market? Search statistics from 2011 certainly suggest that this is the case, with a steady volume of searches coming via Google for the first 8-9 months of the year, dropping off by 25-30% in the autumn and as Christmas approaches.

    Google: volume of searches for ‘Telemarketing’ during 2011

    One might expect telemarketing companies to do their own client prospecting – after all, it’s what they do for others on a day to day basis. Typically, however, this would involve taking employees off fee earning work in order to carry out the activity that has given telemarketing its bad name in the first place: cold calling. More and more telemarketing companies are therefore turning to outsourcing in order to find telemarketing leads, in particular the online client acquisition market.

    Online customer acquisition is an ideal approach for acquiring telemarketing leads as the leads gathered can be properly qualified before they are passed over. Lead qualification is the process by which a lead is verified to ensure that the details provided are real, correct, and correspond with the criteria for a lead agreed with a client.

    Search already guarantees a certain level of qualification as users have made the effort to enter relevant keywords into a search engine and to click on the results. This is then backed up by a landing page or site that clearly explains the product or service on offer and a form that asks clear qualifying questions. Landing pages and forms work equally well to help visitors acquired by email or online advertising qualify themselves, but there is one further step taken by customer acquisition experts to ensure that all leads delivered to clients are fully qualified. When outsourcing leads, telemarketers as with all other companies should look for customer acquisition companies that call back each lead to verify verbally that it is a good lead.

    There are several approaches, both off and online for finding telemarketing leads, but the strongest and most productive today is by outsourcing to a customer acquisition expert. It seems that even marketers need the help of other marketers in some cases!

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