Lead Generation and Internet Marketing in Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia covers an area of 735 thousand sq miles and has an estimated population of 238 million people. It is reported as the world’s fourth most populous country and comprises of 17,508 islands. Indonesia has the highest number of Muslims in the world and is the fifteenth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. The percentage of the population that use the internet in Indonesia is relatively low at around 14.2% of the total population but the number of people using the internet is still higher than many western European countries put together and stands at 34.8 million. The industry sector is Indonesia’s largest and represented 46.4% of GDP in 2010. However, since 2010 the service sector has employed more than any other and accounts for 48.9% of the Indonesian labour force. An international survey carried out in May 2011 by a Canadian research company, concluded that out of 24 countries including the USA, Canada, Russia and the UK, that Indonesia was one of the best places for entrepreneurs to start a business. Considering the rapid growth of the 3G broadband market and the rapid growth of the internet in general, internet marketing and lead generation in Indonesia may well be the preserve of those who act quickly.

Mobile Internet

3G is slowly gaining subscribers in Indonesia and represents a huge potential as competition abounds and pricing cuts begin to encourage more users. Major 3G provider, Telkomsel, reported huge increases of 700% in their mobile broadband customer base from just 200,000 in 2008 to 1.6 million subscribers in 2009. The mobile broadband market in Indonesia is relatively small but growing rapidly according to all accounts. Internet marketers should plan for the future by creating innovative lead generation campaigns for the future that can plug directly into the mobile broadband market now. Western telecommunications giants have turned their focus to mobile broadband markets in countries like Indonesia that have not become saturated and represent rapid profit possibilities. They have bought stakes in the major mobile broadband providers in Indonesia so investment is not lacking and the mobile broadband market could explode with marketing opportunities. Considering that the Facebook internet population penetration is over 100% and Facebook CPC rates are as low as $0.32, internet marketers could potentially gain access to the entire Indonesian internet population with one social networking campaign.

Social Networking in Indonesia

Facebook is reported to have more than 37 million members in Indonesia and receives as many as 5.9 billion page views every month. Indonesian Facebook users spend more time on Facebook than the worldwide average of 25 minutes per visitor and spend an average of 30 minutes per visit. Twitter is not as popular and reveals different interests with 13 million page views per month and the main interest categories being Celebrities & Entertainment News and Sports. Facebook on the other hand reveals an audience that appear to prefer Parenting, Early Childhood Education, Biographies and Mobile & Wireless. These trends may be due to the apparent limitations of Twitter as primarily a real time messaging system only really allowing basic links and more suitable for news and entertainment feeds but can provide different levels of support to lead generation campaigns and internet marketing in general. MySpace in Indonesia is used mainly for music hobbies with Rock music being the top genre followed by Hip-Hop. With 2.6 million page views a month and a renewed deal with Google there may be a way that MySpace could be used to support an internet market presence.

Search Engine Market Share

Google occupies the major search engine market share in Indonesia with a 96% lead and Yahoo follows far behind with a 2.41% share. Bing is lagging behind with a 1.03% cut whilst Ask Jeeves comes in last of the four with a meagre 0.49%. Ask Jeeves seems to be used to gain information about government and financial markets whilst Yahoo trends include reference information pertaining to the sciences, business, crime and justice. The Bing audience interests tend to be related to environmental issues and operating systems. From these search engine specific interest trends in Indonesia, an internet marketer can fine tune a PPC lead generation campaign using the different CPC rates to maximize return on investment.

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Internet Usage in Indonesia

Internet Population: 30,000,000
GDP Per Capita: $4,380
Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $131,400 million
Internet Advertising Market Size:

Search Engine Market Share in Indonesia

Search Engine Market Share: Google 95.99%, Yahoo 2.41%, Bing 1.03%, Ask Jeeves 0.49%, AVG Search 0.05%

Mobile Users in Indonesia

Mobile Users: 159.248 million

Social Media in Indonesia

Facebook Users: 36,604,760
Facebook Penetration: 15.07%
Average CPC on Facebook: $0.37
Worldwide share of Twitter Users: 2.34%

10 Most Popular Sites in Indonesia

1. Facebook.com
2. Google.co.id
3. Google.com
4. Blogspot.com
5. Yahoo.com
6. Kakus.us
7. Youtube.com
8. Wordpress.com
9. Twitter.com
10. 4shared.com

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