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Iran and the Internet

Iran, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran and as Persia prior to 1935, has an estimated population of 75.3 million people and internet user base of 33.2 million. This figure is reported to have doubled every year since the 2005 and is one of the two biggest internet populations in the region, second only to Turkey. Broadband subscriptions have also been doubling year on year since 2005 and the internet audience in Iran tends to be between the ages of 15 and 40. Reports show that there are a larger percentage of university educated users online than users of any other media channel in Iran and with earnings above the national average. Fixed broadband prices in Iran are relatively cheap but with limited bandwidth. Internet advertising tends to be cheaper than other media channels although due to the relatively small bandwidth available it is not advised to invest in rich media content. Simple banners and text is the best approach at present for internet marketing in Iran. This suggests that relevant content articles are the best way to attract natural visitors to a lead generation campaign in Iran and video marketing is not advisable for maximum return on investment.

Engine Market Share

Search engine market share in Iran is not much different than most large and advanced internet populations. Google has the majority market share of 90.78% followed by Yahoo at 4.97% market share. Ask Jeeves and AOL lag behind with 0.46% and 0.07% respectively. Iranians are reported to enjoy heavy blogging and the top two types of websites in Iran are search engines and blogs. The most popular local blogs are Bloogfa.com and Peyvandha.ir. With local blogs amongst the top four most popular websites in Iran it is worthwhile for any internet marketer to find ways to penetrate the Iranian blogging scene for maximum impact.

Ecommerce in Iran

Ecommerce in Iran is increasing rapidly with reports stating that at least 50% of internet users in Iran have made an online purchase. Ecommerce websites in Iran represent 43% of all websites visited by internet users. Considering that only 14% of the population have PCs at home and the internet population stands at around 33.2 million, a large majority of internet users must access the internet from university, college, work or internet cafes and purchase a considerable amount on PCs that are not their own. This could suggest that lead generation for internet security products would be successful if advantage was taken of this situation by highlighting the risks associated with online purchasing and data protection. Perhaps the authoritative recommendation of using only sites displaying the Trusted Site logo or a similar type of authenticity verification service could encourage more interest amongst the highly educated Iranian internet user.

Online Tourism Potential

Iran has been rated as amongst the “10 most touristic countries” due to its rich history and culture but poor public image and weak advertising has been reported as failing to enliven the tourism industry in Iran. With more and more people carrying out ecommerce online and a younger Iranian internet user than most regional countries internet marketers entering the market could help to change this. By utilizing the local blogs and search marketing the history of Iran could be showcased in such a way to encourage more foreign tourism, especially since there are already small numbers of North American and European tourists. Perhaps the lack of properly targeted Iranian history content is to blame. More internet content regarding Iran’s history could be the lead generation that helps to spur on the tourism industry and rake in untold profits for the smart online entrepreneur.

Iran‘s Proposed Private Internet

Internet marketers should act quickly with regards to the internet in Iran and be careful about the content used for lead generation campaigns. The Iranian government, being Islamic, is concerned about the negative values originating from countries such as North America and Europe, polluting their Islamic beliefs. It has been reported that the intention of Iran is to cut them off from the World Wide Web and create an exclusively Iranian and Islamic internet of their own. Whilst the real possibility of this is in question by most on lookers, censorship in Iran is real and smart internet marketers should be aware of this and try to steer clear of typically western tastes that may offend and encourage campaign censorship.

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Internet Usage in Iran

Internet Population: 33,200,000
GDP Per Capita: $11,024
Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $365,997 million
Internet Advertising Market Size:

Search Engine Market Share in Iran

Search Engine Market Share: Google 90.78%, Yahoo 4.97%, Bing 3.64%, Ask Jeeves 0.46%, AOL 0.07%

Mobile Users in Iran

Mobile Users: 52.555 million

Social Media in Iran

Facebook Users: #,###
Facebook Penetration: 0%
Average CPC on Facebook:
Worldwide share of Twitter Users: 41%

10 Most Popular Sites in Iran

1. Google.com
2. Yahoo.com
3. Blogfa.com
4. Peyvandha.ir
5. Mihanblog.com
6. Persianblog.Ir
7. Varzesh3.com
8. Wikipedia.org
9. Tabnak.ir
10. Cloob.com

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