Lead Generation and Internet Marketing in Mexico

The Internet in Mexico

There is a great deal of opportunities for those internet marketers wanting to embark on lead generation activities online in Mexico as the amount that companies are paying for an online presence in Mexico is rapidly increasing. Mexico, officially known as the United Mexican States, is actually a federal constitutional republic in North America with an estimate population of 112.3 million. There are 30.6 million internet users in Mexico and an internet advertising market size of $177 million. With a GDP (PPP) of $1.6 trillion and the majority of the Mexican population being part of the rapidly growing middle class, Goldman Sachs estimated that Mexico will become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2050. This, combined with Mexico’s hungry internet appetite, suggests an increasing potential for internet marketers in Mexico to earn high profits. According to recent figures Mexico is 6th in the world for the number of Facebook users and has the highest Facebook user growth rate in the world over the six month period up until May 2011. Search engine market share in Mexico is very similar to most of Latin America in that Google has the lion’s share of the market with 92.57% and Bing 5.22%. Yahoo trails behind with 1.9%.

Internet Advertising in Mexico

It has been reported that the fastest growing advertising medium in Mexico is the internet where advertising spend grew 35% in 2010. The online advertising expenditure was shared between then following sectors: Automotive, Beverage, Finance and Telecommunications and display ads accounted for 61%, search marketing 24% and classifieds 15%. The sectors of Finance and Trade Office Equipment in Mexico increased at the highest rates with 69% and 19.5% respectively. The advertising formats increasingly used are spots in video and social networking which showed a huge growth of 81% and 106% respectively. According to a recent IAB report 76% of online advertisers plan to increase their online advertising budget in future with zero percent planning to reduce it.

Video Marketing and Social Bookmarking

Looking at the growth data for internet advertising spend in Mexico and the format types chosen, it is becoming increasingly obvious that video marketing is becoming popular among companies advertising online. This is further justified by comScore revealing in a recent report that more than 16.2 million Mexicans (nearly 87%) watched 1.9 billion videos during the month of March 2011 which is the highest rate in Latin America. Mexicans also spent the most time watching online videos with 10.5 hours per visitor during the month of March 2011 and an amazing 115 videos per visitor. With Mexico showing the highest Facebook user growth in the world up to May 2011 and 4.4 billion YouTube page views, video marketing via social networks is the way forward in Mexico for internet marketers. Mexican YouTube viewers also spent much longer than the 25 minute average time on site with visits lasting an average of 33 minutes per visitor.

Instant Usage in Mexico

It has been reported that 26.8% of all time spent online by Mexican surfers was spent on instant messenger sites, particularly Microsoft Live Messenger and live.com receives 2.5 billion page views every month. Twitter visitors in Mexico are less with Twitter receiving only 4.3 million users a month. However, Twitter users in Mexico spend much longer than the average time on Twitter staying for an average of 15 minutes and 50 seconds compared to the worldwide average of just 12 minutes and 50 seconds. Considering Facebook and Microsoft Live Messenger high usage levels and Twitter receiving longer than average visit time, any internet marketing campaign in Mexico should be sure to provide content that is sharable across these platforms.

Audience Interests

The Mexican internet audience appears to trend towards communication, social bookmarking and emailing with popular interests including the Arts & Entertainment, Urban & Hip-Hop, How-To, DIY and Expert Content. Emailing is heavily used in Mexico indicating a great potential for email marketing campaigns that promote social network sharing through video content. Internet marketers intending on creating unique lead generation campaigns should avail themselves of insights such as these to maximize the potential of gaining a profitable market share of the internet in Mexico. For further information regarding the Mexican internet, advertising guidelines and seminars visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Mexico.

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Internet Usage in Mexico

Internet Population: 30,600,000
GDP Per Capita: $14,266
Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $436,540 million
Average CPC in Lead Gen.: $1.16
Internet Advertising Market Size: $123 million

Search Engine Market Share in Mexico

Search Engine Market Share: Google 92.57%, Bing 5.22%, Yahoo 1.9%, Ask Jeeves 0.2%, Alta Vista 0.05%

Mobile Users in Mexico

Mobile Users: 83.528 million

Social Media in Mexico

Facebook Users: 23,954,420
Facebook Penetration: 21.3%
Average CPC on Facebook: $0.31
Worldwide share of Twitter Users: 0.9%

10 Most Popular Sites in Mexico

1. Facebook.com
2. Google.com
3. Youtube.com
4. Google.com.mx
5. Live.com
6. Yahoo.com
7. Blogspot.com
8. Msn.com
9. Wikipedia.org
10. Twitter.com

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