Lead Generation and Internet Marketing in the Philippines

The Internet in the Philippines

The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, has a population of over 94 million people, of which 27.9 million are internet users. Located in Southeast Asia and the western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines occupy an area of 115,831 square miles and has an estimated nominal GDP of $189 billion. The Philippines has 24.5 million Facebook users generating 15 billion Facebook page views every month. Twitter is used by 2.1 million people in the Philippines accounting for 55 million twitter page views during the month of May 2011. Search engine market share in the Philippines sees Google in the lead with a 81.68% market share followed by Yahoo with a 15.52% slice of the market. Bing, Ask Jeeves and AVG Search lag far behind with 1.82, 0.87 and 0.05% respectively.

Filipino Search Habits

Search behaviour exhibited by the Filipino online searcher reveals that the search terms “facebook”, “download”, “you tube” and “games” were the top searches carried out during the three month period up to June 2011. Further drilling down searches relating to “download” using Google insights revealed that MP3, games and movie downloads were the most popular downloads that being searched for. Searches for “you tube” were mainly searches trying to find YouTube to MP3 converters, YouTube download and Facebook. Further investigation into the search term “games” revealed that Filipino internet users were searching for PC games, Y8 games and PSP games. Studying search behaviour in the Philippines is one of the best ways to discover hot products or services that are likely to be well received and can help lead generation campaigns to target the correct audiences using a variety of favoured media types and media channels.

Social Media is Big in the Philippines

ComScore, a leading internet research firm, congratulated the Philippines as been the heaviest Facebook users during the month of February 2011. It was reported during their recent study that as much as 93% of online users in the Philippines accessed the biggest social media site in the world during February and amongst the most popular audience interests include Online Video, Combat Sports, Urban & Hip-Hop, Rock and Games. The report put then Philipines as the number one country in the world for Facebook penetration. These insights suggest that the Philippines has an advanced Facebook user base consuming a varied selection of media content and would be receptive to original internet marketing campaigns that utilize video content and games to engage them and generate brand awareness. The time that Filipinos spend on the social media site twitter is longer than the worldwide average of just under 13 minutes and stands at 14 minutes and 20 seconds per visit. With more than 2 million twitter users showing varied interests including Football, Writers Resources, Mobile Phones and Celebrities & Entertainment News, Filipino people visit twitter for a different reason and points towards twitter as a resource for the latest information on celebrities, football and mobile technology.


The social networking site linkedin is less visited than the larger social media sites with only 6.7 million page views generated by 320,000 users. However, Linkedin is used primarily for business related resources and information with popular interests being Web Developing, Search Engine Optimization, Business & Industrial, Scripting Languages, Career Resources & Planning and Home Office. This suggests that less fun is had on Linkedin than the other social media websites and would be a good place to use lead generation for internet services, recruitment and online marketing tools. The key to finding the best internet marketing strategies in the Philippines is to understand internet user habits across the social media landscape as well as search.

Mobile Internet

The Philippines has 92.2 million mobile phones in use and the number of people using their mobile phones to access the internet is ever increasing. According to a recent report the Philippines is 10th in the world for the percentage of the online population that access the internet from their mobile phones. Combined with their avid social media usage, love of online videos and games, this information can be very useful in helping online entrepreneurs to organize an appropriate internet marketing campaign. Using games and/or video content that is sharable across Facebook, Linkedin and a variety of social media, brand awareness can be increased and lead generation techniques can be used to collect user data. Find out more about the Philippines and internet advertising by visiting the Philippines chapter of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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Internet Usage in Philippines

Internet Population: 29,700,000
GDP Per Capita: $3,725
Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $110,632 million
Internet Advertising Market Size:

Search Engine Market Share in Philippines

Search Engine Market Share: Google 81.68%, Yahoo 15.52%, Bing 1.82%, Ask Jeeves 0.87%, AVG Search 0.05%

Mobile Users in Philippines

Mobile Users: 92.227 million

Social Media in Philippines

Facebook Users: 23,399,640
Facebook Penetration: 23.42%
Average CPC on Facebook: $0.19
Worldwide share of Twitter Users: 0.85%

10 Most Popular Sites in Philippines

1. Facebook.com
2. Yahoo.com
3. Google.com.ph
4. Google.com
5. Youtube.com
6. Blogspot.com
7. Wikipedia.org
8. Twitter.com
9. Sulit.com.ph
10. Wordpress.com

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