Lead Generation and Internet Marketing in Singapore

Singapore and the Internet

Singapore has a very active internet population with varied interests who are avid social media users. This presents an ideal opportunity for internet marketers to create effective lead generation campaigns that are in tune with the online habits and behaviour of the Singaporean. The Republic of Singapore has a population of over 5 million people of which it is estimated that 36% are foreigners. It is a South East Asian City-State and an island country comprising of 63 islands. It has 6.8 million internet users and is reported to be the country with the highest broadband penetration estimated to be well above 100% as far back as mid 2010. This has been the result of the governments Intelligent Nation by 2015 drive and has been very successful with its goal of 90% broadband penetration by 2015 being realized much earlier than expected. Work constructing the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) in Singapore began in September 2010 which is promised to see speeds up to 1Gbps across an optical fibre network. As part of the IN2015 a free wireless network, known as wireless@sg, has been developed allowing free internet access in most places. According the IMF Singapore has been reported as being the fastest growing economy in the world during 2010 with a GDP growth rate of 14.5% and has the third highest GDP per capita in the world ($57,238), behind Qatar and Luxemburg.

Social Media in Singapore

Singapore has a vibrant online social media presence and ranks 6th in the world in terms of Facebook penetration with a penetration rate of 52.4% in terms of the number of Facebook members from the total population and represents 67.4% of the online population. Actual unique visitors to Facebook in Singapore is reported to be 2.6 million every month which are collectively responsible for 3 billion page views a month and is above the worldwide penetration of 68.7%. The Facebook unique visitor penetration rate in Singapore is 81.2%. The most popular Facebook audience interest groups in Singapore include Mobile Apps & Add-ons, Pop Music, Online Video and Beauty & Fitness. Such insights can steer internet marketers in the right direction in terms of how to monetize Facebook users and which niche markets they would respond best to. Linkedin receives 14 million page views every month and represents a reach of 11.1%, much higher than the worldwide average of 5.6%. The time spent on Linkedin by visitors in Singapore is also much longer than the worldwide average of 8 minutes and 50 seconds, and stands at 10 minutes and 50 seconds. Linkedin audience interests are heavily biased towards recruitment, human resources and business services, with the top audience interest being developer jobs. This suggest that internet users in Singapore use Linkedin mainly for business purposes, to find staff or for job seekers to find employment. This could mean that Linkedin would be a good place to target users in lead generation campaigns for staffing agencies, IT recruitment or for business finance and services.

Mobile Internet

There are reported to be 6.6 million mobile phone users in Singapore and at least 50% of them are 3g subscribers. This suggests an advanced mobile user with an appetite for a rich variety of media on their mobiles. This point was perfectly demonstrated by a Singaporean newspaper (Straits Times) developing a free iphone app that keeps Singaporeans up to date with the general election proceedings. It includes video clips of interviews with each candidate. The free newspaper app, called “SG Election” was launched on the 22nd April 2011 and was an instant hit for the newspaper with almost 350,000 downloads within the first 24 hours. This suggests that mobile, especially iphone, apps provide a valuable and effective way of targeting mobile internet users by allowing easy social media sharing across Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Video marketing as an integral part of a lead generation campaign can easily be deployed across the fixed line, wireless and mobile broadband market in Singapore without a problem.

Search Engines and Internet Advertising

Search engine market share in Singapore is dominated by Google with an 84% share in the market. Yahoo and Bing follow with a 10.25% and 1.81% share respectively. Singapore has an internet advertising market enjoying huge growth over the last few years with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% over the 30 month period up until June 2010. Reports have indicated that the drive of this increase was the increased spend on search advertising which increased from SGD2.8 million (£1.4 million) in 2008 to more than three times the amount with SGD15.9 million or £7.8 million spent on search advertising in 2010. It is clear that the internet in Singapore and the amount of revenue it can generate is rapidly expanding and is still nowhere near its maximum potential as internet advertising revenue still represents only 6% of all advertising revenue. Many companies are just beginning to see the benefits of the internet and the reduction in costs associated with online advertising and more businesses are turning to internet marketing. Now is the ideal time for internet marketers to enter the Singaporean internet industry as many companies are just developing websites and looking for ways to gain new customers. This represents an ideal situation for the lead generation industry which can provide cost effective and qualified sales lead for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. For more on the internet advertising industry in Singapore visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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Internet Usage in Singapore

Internet Population: 3,658,400
GDP Per Capita: $57,238
Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $209,399 million
Internet Advertising Market Size: $48 million

Search Engine Market Share in Singapore

Search Engine Market Share: Google Singapore 70.15%, Google 14.2%, Yahoo Singapore 10.25%, Bing 1.81%, Yahoo 1.78%

Mobile Users in Singapore

Mobile Users: 6.652 million

Social Media in Singapore

Facebook Users: 2,410,740
Facebook Penetration: 51.28%
Average CPC on Facebook: $0.71
Worldwide share of Twitter Users: 0.88%

10 Most Popular Sites in Singapore

1. Facebook.com
2. Google.com.sg
3. Google.com
4. Youtube.com
5. Yahoo.com
6. Blogspot.com
7. Live.com
8. Wikipedia.org
9. Msn.com
10. Twitter.com

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