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Thailand and the Internet

Thailand, formerly Siam, is located in the centre of Southeast Asia and covers an area of 98,115 square miles with an estimated population of 63.9 million people. There are 17.5 million internet users in Thailand and more than 83 million registered mobile phones with far more mobiles than fixed line (land line) phones. Search engine market share in Thailand is monopolized by Google which has a 99.02% share. The other search engines, namely; Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Baidu, trail far behind with 0.66%, 0.18%, 0.12& and 0.05% respectively. The top three search terms in Thailand over the 12 months up until June 2011 were “music” followed by “games” and then “facebook”. It would be an interesting lead generation concept to develop a free mobile app that uses music and games to help promote brand awareness and stimulate the growth in online sign ups for products or services in Thailand. At present online advertising revenue accounts for a small but growing percentage of advertising spend but more and more large firms in Thailand are beginning to divert a proportion of their advertising budgets to online advertising. This development is good news for internet marketing and lead generation.


There is a vast potential for online shopping in Thailand even though the price of setting up a broadband line in Thai homes and the associated hardware is prohibitive for the average Thai family. The upside is that those Thai internet users that are connected at home are more likely to be those amongst the wealthiest in Thailand that are able to purchase luxury items and services such as travel and tourism, as well as state of the art technology. Online dating websites are abundant in Thailand. The majority of Thai visitors are likely to be Thai women and the top interest categories are Russian Federation, Matrimonial Services, Translation Tools and Visa & Immigration. There are many students from Thailand studying in Russia and the interest in the Russian Federation could be the interest of Thai women to find partners in Russia for which matrimonial services will hopefully be required and knowledge of the Visa and immigration regulations of Russia. Lead generation websites could be used to attract new premium sign ups to dating website subscriptions.

Social Media

Social media in Thailand is gradually becoming a recognized tool in the relationship between consumers and brands. Facebook has 10.1 million users in Thailand and 13 million unique visitors who are responsible for 15 billion page views a month. The average cost of CPC on Facebook is quite low at $US0.23. It has been reported that at least 50% of internet users in Thailand access social media sites from mobile phones which closely ties social media and mobile internet. Any lead generation using social media should consider having mobile browser enabled websites as well as an easy to use and enticing mobile app that can keep users updated and spread marketing material. Twitter receives 50 million page views per month from 1.5 million unique visitors who spend an above average time on the site of 14 minutes and 20 seconds. The worldwide average for time spent on twitter is 12 minutes and 50 seconds. Amongst the top audience interest categories were TV Game Show, Product Reviews & Price Comparison (great for lead generation) and Mobile Phones. Interestingly enough there appears to be an overwhelming dominance of Blackberry users accessing twitter than iphone users, even though the iphone in Thailand is responsible for ten times the amount of internet traffic than the Blackberry. This information is extremely important for internet marketers wanting to target specific markets that tend to merge with particular mobile phone brands.

Mobile Internet

Mobile penetration in Thailand is recorded as 130%. Reports have revealed that mobile internet access in Thailand has tripled over the 12 months up until June 2011 and one third of land line or fixed line customers also use their mobile to access the internet. Mobile Apps are increasing in demand as more and more Taiwanese invest in the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphone devices. Major Thai operator reports a 108% increase of mobile internet data during 2010 and expects this figure to increase as the biggest mover in terms of smartphone sales was the iphone and the price of other smartphones are decreasing all the time. Internet marketers wanting to enter the Thai online industry need to move quickly while there is still less competition than in other East Asian countries. Offering Thai companies lead generation services could be what is needed to increase their appreciation of the power of their own internet.

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Internet Usage in Thailand

Internet Population: 17,486,000
GDP Per Capita: $8,643
Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $151,131 million
Internet Advertising Market Size:

Search Engine Market Share in Thailand

Search Engine Market Share: Google 99.02%, Bing 0.66%, Yahoo 0.18%, Ask Jeeves 0.12%, Baidu 0.05%

Mobile Users in Thailand

Mobile Users: 83.057 million

Social Media in Thailand

Facebook Users: 9,298,000
Facebook Penetration: 14%
Average CPC on Facebook: $0.27
Worldwide share of Twitter Users: 0.3%

10 Most Popular Sites in Thailand

1. Google.co.th
2. Facebook.com
3. Google.com
4. Youtube.com
5. Live.com
6. Yahoo.com
7. Blogspot.com
8. Sanook.com
9. Pantip.com
10. Msn.com

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