Our Vision is to transform how businesses find new customers.

At MVF, our strategy comprises nine core principles:

  1. Hire the best people

  2. We always consider character traits before skills: we value energy – and the ability to energise others – common sense and shrewdness, people who get the job done and show real passion.

  3. Provide powerful objectives

  4. Everyone has his or her role within the business. We make sure we each have clear, SMART objectives that together will take the company towards its Vision.

  5. Empower people to think smart and be bold to deliver dramatic company growth

  6. We encourage debate and ask for feedback from colleagues and clients. We give responsibility for implementing change and reward results and good risk-taking. We promote a no blame culture. We challenge the status quo.

  7. Cultivate a brilliant environment

  8. At MVF we promote excellence, fun, honesty, transparency, respect and opportunities for everyone. We reward results. We have a great office and great benefits: fun social events, training opportunities, honest appraisals – and even free food. It’s an environment that supports and inspires people to exceed expectations.

  9. Delight our Clients

  10. We provide excellent service and excellent products. We cultivate the valuable relationships and look to surprise them (in a good way)!

  11. Maximise value for every visitor

  12. We always look to add value for our visitors with great content, newsletters and introductions, giving them reasons to come back. We always challenge the status quo, and seek out new opportunities.

  13. Continually improve the efficiency of the business

  14. We build systems and processes, and relentlessly seek out inefficiencies and remove them. Similarly, we relentlessly seek out efficiency opportunities and implement them.

  15. Passionately pursue sustainable growth opportunities

  16. We’re always looking to broaden our traffic sources. We develop long-term partnerships. We buy and build strong naturally-ranking websites that add value to our customers. We nurture and grow existing databases.

  17. Be a "Force For Good"

  18. Using MVF's resources, we drive forward and support initiatives that promote peace, equality, human rights and the environment.

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