We generate you customers

What we do is simple. We generate huge volumes of red-hot prospects and high quality customers for our clients.

How we generate prospects takes a little more thinking about. Guided by a deep understanding of multi-channel marketing and what makes customers tick, we use leading-edge technology to generate demand – and growth – for your business.

We’re the first to admit we’re not right for everyone. We generate so many prospects that we need to work with the right clients. But if you’re ambitious – and comfortable handling massive throughput – we can take your business to incredible new heights.

Ready for takeoff?

Qualified Prospects and Customers

Generating you profitable, reliable, high quality customers is what we’re all about. All of our prospects are scrutinised by our unique qualification process. The result? Ready and willing buyers with phone numbers that answer, and email addresses that respond. We’ll even close the deal on behalf of our clients – the ultimate zero-risk solution.

100% Transparent ROI

Ensuring our clients know exactly what they’re getting for their money is central to our business. We offer a straightforward Price Per Prospect or Price Per Sale model, leaving you completely enlightened about your marketing spend and its effectiveness.

Low Risk Launch

Looking to dip your toes into a new territory, without over-committing – or over-stretching? With our incredible global reach, MVF can offer a quick, easy “suck it and see” low-risk approach to trialling new territories.

Global Reach

Ready to take the leap? MVF runs customer acquisition campaigns in most of the world's Top 50 Internet Economies, from Argentina to Vietnam. Tap into our power and start reaping the rewards of high-volume international prospects.

Growth through Sales

Whatever your ambitions, MVF can help you fast-track them by closing leads on your behalf. Our telesales team are experts in converting deals and turning prospects into genuine sales and profit.

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