How the World Map of Internet Marketing will help you grow your business

26th April 2011, 4:04pm

Clients often come to us and ask what territory they should grow their business into. When asked to do such a task we tap into an internal data source that helps us estimate the pros and cons of a new territory, taking into account such factors such as:
- Market size, Market potential, Cost Per Click, Legal Issues, Cultural Issues

Knowing these basic snippets of information can help a client determine a shortlist of countries where they can focus their efforts. We have therefore decided to release some of this data by way of a map.

When a client has the shortlist we can with them about our experience in these territories and how they might go about dipping their toe in the water of that new market or markets.

The map contains data such as Market Potential, Cost Per Clicks, Search Engine Market Share, Social Media Stats. These are all very useful when launching into new territories.

We hope you find the World Map of Internet Marketing useful.

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