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MVF has developed a comprehensive CSR strategy which extends beyond simply donating money, and focuses on skill sharing and using our business resources to help our local community. We have set up several strategies which not only help existing charities but we have also launched initiatives of our own, and instilled company policies which support local businesses.

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Castlehaven Community Association

In the London office, MVF has an official partnership with the Castlehaven Community Association, a charity committed to improving Camden’s local facilities for the community. We chose this charity because it was so rooted in the Camden community and offered a chance for MVF staff to use our skills and donate our time in addition to money, to really help those we share Camden with.

The programme is open to all members of the company and each department can offer up their specialist skills to help the charity. So far members have helped Castlehaven with their online marketing strategy which involved conducting an SEO site audit, then providing content marketing material. We have also been recruited to help with PR and Social Media, Email outreach and Pay-per-click advertising in a bid to transform their media output.

We offer every member of our staff one extra day off a year to do charity work and this gives staff the chance to donate their time without eating into their holiday, though many of our employees also volunteer after work or at the weekends.

Eleanor Botwright CEO of Castlehaven Community Association: “We have been so grateful for our CSR partnership with MVF! The energy and enthusiasm from the team has only been matched by their eagerness and willingness to think outside the box in terms of ways to support our charity.

The team has raised money to support our work, helped us deliver ‘tea and technology’ sessions with our older people and work with our community gardener to significantly improve the public realm.

Thank you for your support MVF – you are a whole galaxy of stars!”


MVF has also brought charitable thinking into the business plan, launching FoodHub, a new community initiative from our relocations division MoveHub.

Our MoveHub team realised that huge amounts of food that could be put to good use was being thrown away when people moved house. With this in mind, MoveHub launched ‘FoodHub’, an initiative where the removals company would take any unwanted tinned food and deliver it to us, and we would then pass it on to our local homeless facility.

We partnered with famous young homeless people’s charity Centrepoint, who support over 100 young people in Camden alone. The huge amount of food collected was distributed to Centrepoint’s Cecil House branch in Camden. The food was used in their 12 week programme “Steps to Independence” where young people learn essential skills including cooking highly nutritional meals within budget.

Paul Noblet, Head of Public Affairs at Centrepoint comments: “Centrepoint were really pleased to work with MVF on the FoodHub project. It was great to see a business working with the local community and trying to help young homeless people like those at our hostel in Camden. Everyone in MVF got behind the launch and it is engagement like this that makes a real difference to the people we work with.” Current Camden Mayor Lazzaro Pietragnoli attended the launch and in an interview with the Camden New Journal he said: “I think it is nice to have such a vibrant community in Camden who connect with the reality of where they are. They [MoveHub] realised there was a problem of people in need and they just matched the dots.”

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