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Client story: Pearson

MVF’s international reach helped Pearson grow across Europe, and they have even scaled up their sales team to cope with demand.


Edwin Pearson established Pearson Home Moving back in 1917 with the aim of creating the best removals company in the business. One hundred years later Pearson is still committed to the highest service standards, and helps clients manage their international moves, offering a wide range of services designed to take the hassle out of relocation. Pearson has two offices in the UK, and experience in overseeing moves across Europe.

The challenge

Avoiding empty vehicles, even on return journeys, is key for Pearson. And the only way to do that is to ensure lead volumes and sales are optimised, across both domestic and international markets. MVF was tasked with ensuring Pearson’s fleet was never left idle.

MVF Customer Generation Platform

An initial trial, which saw 110 leads a month passed from MVF’s Customer Generation Platform directly to Pearson’s CRM system. The trial proved successful and Pearson soon looked to increase volume. MVF now generates 900 quality leads each month for Pearson.


MVF works very closely with Pearson Home Moving to ensure ROI is maximised. Iterative optimisation has led to increased efficiency and boosted conversion rates. The two organisations have also collaborated to develop sales training programmes designed to make the most of the high volume of leads supplied by MVF.

“The ambition, scalability and international reach of MVF make them a reliable and profitable partner for our business. As the market evolves, it is essential for us to partner with someone that understands new technologies, procedures and sales techniques; and with MVF our team are able to focus their time and energy on closing deals in the knowledge that our marketing needs are being taken care of. In addition, MVF’s insight into new markets has also allowed us to expand our sales team with confidence; this being vital for us during a period of substantial growth.”

What’s next?

Pearson’s sales team is constantly increasing, having doubled in size the last year, adding language skills so as to be able to cope with an increasingly volume of enquiries from abroad. Plans are in place for MVF to continue providing leads from across Europe, as well as for the two organisations to continue working together to boost conversion rates and ensure that online enquiries receive true value for you money.

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