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Client story: Pioneer

MVF becomes one of Pioneer Business Systems’ primary marketing channels

Smarter Customer Generation

Pioneer Business Systems was established 2003 and is one of the fastest growing providers of telecommunication services in the UK. They work across a full-range of sectors and combine their wide-range of business phones with a full-suite of business improving software to make a difference to UK companies.

The challenge
Pioneer operates in an intensely competitive environment where securing new account wins and delivering outstanding customer support are key. In order for Pioneer to be able to concentrate on the latter, MVF was tasked with generating consistently high quality leads at high volume.

MVF Customer Generation Platform
An initial test saw 50 leads per week sent directly to Pioneer’s CRM system. Thanks to a client-specific configuration of the MVF platform, MVF was able to filter out inappropriate leads, and concentrate on only sending the most appropriate expressions of interest. These leads converted to sale at 30%.

As the relationship has grown, the filtering process has become increasingly sophisticated, and lead volumes have risen significantly. Leads-to-sales conversion has increased and MVF is now Pioneer’s primary marketing channel.

“Not all approaches work in the B2B customer generation process. However the unique approach adopted by MVF has generated a good volume of quality leads, which we would struggle to attract from traditional avenues. The qualification and validation process ensures that not only do we receive genuine sales opportunities but we are also provided with vital information about the business and their requirements. Over 12 months we have generated over £1,000,000 in sales revenue with MVF.”

What’s next?
Innovative new product launches and territory expansion are imminent for Pioneer. Their ongoing partnership with MVF is set to drive the customer generation required for growth targets to be met.

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