Client story: Sellsy

"We started working with MVF with the goal of generating more leads. Since the start of our partnership, we have increased our investment with them fourfold."

Sellsy is a French CRM provider that set out to help businesses become more agile by offering a streamlined solution for automating administrative tasks, allowing users to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Through their own sales and marketing activity, Sellsy was able to achieve a very high conversion rate on their organic leads but wanted to increase the volume of leads they were connecting with. In November 2017 they partnered with MVF to generate a higher volume of warm CRM leads and deliver them to their sales team, helping them achieve their growth goals. 

MVF Partnership
At the very beginning of the partnership, Sellsy were observing a lower than the expected conversion rate for their leads. However, this problem was quickly fixed when MVF account managers ran training sessions with client sales teams on follow-up best practice. As a result, the conversion rate more than doubled. MVF also ran a more recent review and saw that all of the best practice initiatives are still in place and the conversion rate still just as high as after the initial training.

MVF’s dedicated account managers are a big factor in ensuring the best lead quality and ROI for Sellsy, building and maintaining a detailed understanding of their business priorities and any potential impacts to achieving growth. During COVID-19 MVF took a flexible approach to the management of the relationship with Sellsy, understanding and prioritising their needs as the pandemic progressed to continue to help connect them with new clients.

Through the support of their MVF account managers, Sellsy has restructured and grown their sales teams to receive and onboard the high volume of leads they are connected with. Since beginning the partnership, the investment into MVF’s services has increased fourfold and the conversion rate has more than doubled.

What’s next
MVF and Sellsy are exploring a number of things that will continue to contribute to their growth goals, including further optimisation of conversion rates through sharing data analysis, launching new verticals and expanding to more territories.