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Client story: Smart Pension

MVF helps an innovative FinTech win market share, generating high demand for its pension auto enrolment offering. Within a month of working together SmartPension’s co-founder deemed MVF as having potential to become a significant channel.


Smart Pension is an exciting pensions platform for UK employers to automatically enrol employees in a workplace scheme. It’s a free offering for employers and has recently been backed by Legal and General Investment Management. It has entered a space served largely by large financial services organisations.

The challenge

Although it’s compulsory for all companies of any size to auto enrol qualifying staff, many are not aware of their obligation, the potential penalties or the options available for a quick and no cost solution. With the auto enrolment deadline looming for 70% of employers in 2017, Smart Pension management team’s strategy is to reach high number of small and medium-sized companies who haven’t yet enrolled.

MVF Customer Generation Platform

The MVF team spent some time with Smart Pension’s co-founder to understand the offering and discuss messaging to help SMEs understand the proposition. Within a few weeks, MVF’s Customer Generation Platform had been set up to create Sales Ready Leads, integrating in real-time with RSVP Media (Smart Pension’s outbound call centre partner) and the on-boarding aspect of the auto enrolment platform.


Success was quick and clear from day one. RSVP Media found MVF’s sales leads to be high quality, contactable and in the market to make a decision. Based on performance, volumes have been stepped up and the relationship with both Smart Pension and RSVP is already strong.

“MVF does what it claims to do, simply and quickly. It delivers great leads on a performance basis. The team and technology there are providing us with a key way to talk to qualified SME buyers at scale. They have quickly become a key strategic partner to support our growth.”

What’s next?

Smart Pension, MVF and RSVP exchange data daily to review sales performance and inform MVF’s marketing optimisation. Through the MVF Plus service and collaboration across the teams we’ll discuss new concepts in messaging and process optimisation to take the partnership to greater heights.

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