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Customer Generation in Business Services

From franking machines and printers to coffee machines and security systems, businesses of all shapes and sizes are constantly searching for the products and services that allow them to get on with business as usual. As a provider, your challenge is reaching high enough numbers of prospects who are researching alternatives, and then being responsive to the opportunity.

Time is often of the essence in this market. If a prospective client is actively searching for products in your space, it’s likely that there is an immediate need to be fulfilled. This necessitates an always-on, proactive approach to customer generation. MVF’s Customer Generation Platform becomes an extension of your team, and delivers high quality leads in large volumes consistently.

MVF’s approach

Our leading digital brands, such as Expert Market and Approved Index are digital resources trusted by businesses to educate, inform and allow them to make contact with relevant providers. Via these assets, and other cross-channel techniques, such as publishing, media buying and CRM, we reach high numbers of relevant buyers. Once a buyer lets us know what their business requires, our Customer Generation Platform is able to make choices regarding which of our clients are best placed to deliver. Leads are qualified prior to being passed over to appropriate suppliers, which means they convert consistently.

Customisable APIs and lead transfer systems ensure you find out about the businesses looking for your products in real-time, and our MVF+ service is designed to finetune sales processes to maximise conversion rates.

Client quote:
“MVF is an indispensable source of new customers in multiple countries. Exceptionally skilled at digital marketing, in my experience they are the best at what they do. What really sets MVF apart is their ability to consistently deliver large numbers of high quality leads both locally and internationally.”