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Customer Generation in Education

The breadth of choice students now have when deciding which further education, professional or business qualification course to take means competition to attract the best candidates can be fierce. Factors such as geographic location are no longer the trump card they once were, with students willing to look internationally, as well as locally, and even at online learning, for the right opportunities.

Education and training providers must work proactively to fill their annual quotas and adopt increasingly sophisticated demand generation and filtering techniques.

Some institutions are turning to digital marketing channels such as search, PPC, email, social media and content to attract the very best students. However, this requires a sophisticated marketing operation and significant investments of time and resources. MVF’s education leads offer a more cost effective and sustainable solution to this challenge.

MVF’s Approach

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform can be configured to help universities find the right students for their courses, locally and globally. Sophisticated qualification methodologies ensure that course enquiries are only passed to client institutions once an appropriate fit, and genuine interest, has been established.

Our clients are able to take as many leads as they like each month, safe in the knowledge that they’ll only be speaking to students that are very likely to register. Our easy-to-use client portal means it’s easy to keep track of your pipeline and real-time API and email transfer options mean you’ll be able to follow-up with interested students as soon as they flag that they’d like to hear from you.

Client quote:
“Our partnership with MVF means we’re able to speak to students interested in our courses that would otherwise have proved very difficult to reach. Our ability to attract students from further afield is also significantly improved thanks to MVF’s impressive marketing operation.”