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Customer Generation in Energy

Businesses and consumers have never had more choice when it comes to deciding where to get their energy from. And switching supplier is no longer the headache it once was. This means energy providers are having to work harder than ever before if they are to realise market share and growth aspirations.

Often not content to go straight to providers in the first instance, energy customers often turn to trusted third party sources of information and comparison sites when it comes to their gathering information prior to making their decisions. This means that energy providers have to make sure their brands are making it onto the shortlist for consideration.

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform helps ensure energy suppliers are the first to know when prospects are interested in finding out more about their services.

MVF’s Approach

Via our trusted digital brands such as Expert Market, we are able to deliver high volumes of qualified sales ready leads to energy providers around the world. Our Customer Generation Platform matches submissions of interest to providers able to deliver the energy needs required, and hands leads over to sales teams for conversion.

Leads can be filtered directly to your CRM system via our API, sent via email or accessed through our intuitive client portal. MVF+ is also available to clients after three months of partnership. This service sees us working with clients to review and optimise their sales processes to maximise ROI from their customer generation investments.

Client quote:
“MVF’s ability to drive consistently high quality, high volume leads means they are an ideal addition to our own brand marketing initiatives. The leads they generate convert at a good rate, and their understanding of the digital marketing space is second to none.”