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Customer Generation in Healthcare

Technological improvements and affordability are just two factors that have served to create a significant increase in consumer demand for health-related products such as laser eye surgery, hearing aids, funeral planning and elective surgery. And the opportunity for companies operating in these sectors locally and globally has never been greater.

However, purchases are not made lightly and the buying process is often longer and more considered than your average consumer decision. Prospects tend to be eager to self-educate and are unlikely to be rushed into their purchase. This means a considered digital approach is required for healthcare organisations; companies should be on-hand and ready to talk to prospects when they are ready to reach out.

MVF’s Sales Ready Leads are ideally suited to this buying environment.

MVF’s Approach

Detailed qualification methods mean that only those prospects actively looking to engage with healthcare specialists are passed to our clients. These people have researched their purchases and are towards the very end of the process; they want to buy.

Real-time customer matching means you’ll be able to follow up instantly. Our API funnels leads directly to your sales or CRM system, or we can transfer via email or client portal. MVF leads minimise the amount of time your sales team has to spend prospecting, freeing them up to educate active buyers with specialist advice and pricing.