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Customer Generation in Home Services

When it comes to home improvements, most home owners’ main concern is finding a reputable installer who will provide a reliable service at a competitive price. Whether they are thinking about installing new windows, replacing a boiler or considering switching to green energy with solar panels, most people want to know they are getting quotes from a reputable company that has been tried and tested.

Savvy homeowners are increasingly turning to online services to find great products and certified professionals who have a proven track record. A customer generation partner can develop a digital strategy to help customers find your services. Significantly reducing your need to spend time prospecting wary consumers, you can focus on providing the products and service active buyers are looking for.

MVF’s Approach

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform combines industry leading technology with the digital expertise of 250 marketing specialists to deliver high volumes of customers actively searching for home improvement services

Our platform manages localised digital outreach to engage customers looking for specialised home improvements and renewables products.
The flexibility of our platform means we can adjust the volume of leads we deliver to clients, for example to meet growth goals or for the seasonal changes commonly seen in the industry.

Our comprehensive qualification process ensures potential customers are contactable and have intent to buy before being passed onto clients, meaning sales teams spend more time educating customers and closing deals.

Leads are sent to you in the most convenient way for your business (via API, email or through our client portal) .