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Customer Generation in Market Research

High Quality Panel Recruitment

The recruitment of large volumes of willing and reliable panel members sits at the heart of your ability to provide clients with valuable insight. Clients trust you to deliver business-critical insight and the research they need to make the right decisions. Whether your focus is on delivering for market research professionals or for product and marketing roles, the scale of your panel, the demographic mix and the methods of recruitment all contribute to the balanced and representative sampling mix you need.

Growing your online community, being agile in recruiting new segments, and driving completions is likely to be a primary business concern, and one that certainly shouldn't be left to chance. As soon as you stop pursuing member growth and flexibility, you risk weakening your offer.

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform offers a unique, scalable and low-overhead method of attaining genuine panel reach and growth. In fact, we’re the world’s largest provider of high-quality panelists to the Market Research and Sampling sector.

MVF’s Approach

Panel recruitment has been one of MVF’s core capabilities since 2009, and providing some of the world’s largest market research organisations with high quality panelists across more than 80 markets still sits at the heart of our operation today. A unique combination of technology, our digital brands (including SurveyCompare), and a sophisticated team of cross-channel marketing experts combine to attract large volumes of people ready and able to contribute to your research projects.

Our platform is optimised in real time to ensure we’re delivering the right kind of panelists locally and globally. Our MVF+ service allows us to work closely with individual partners to fine tune the processes to maximise completions, while ensuring the right mix in terms of gender, age profile, device type and origin source.

In Numbers:
• Seven years’ experience as the largest global recruiter to the market research industry
• Around 10 million new DOI (double opt-in) panelists delivered annually
• Recruiting 24/7 365 days a year in over 80 markets globally
• Consistently market-leading completion rates and panelist engagement /quality

Client quote:
“MVF’s international presence has been the key success factor of our partnership, supporting Toluna in over 50 markets and in turn enabling us to extend our global presence by launching new countries and providing ad-hoc services for our clients at short notice.

“MVF is reliable and trustworthy. Implementation is both efficient and easy. Consequently, they have become one of Toluna’s keystone international partners in our four core business sectors.”