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MVF Marketing Leads

•People and businesses interested in the products and services you provide
•Permission granted to receive sales and marketing messages
•Verified contact details
•Integrations into your email or marketing automation software
•Pay-per-lead, no long-term contracts
•Scalable volume, product lines and territories
•Dedicated account manager


Less time finding qualified contacts and more time converting to sales

Identifying and engaging new prospects is a marketing fundamental. Your ability to reach relevant people at the right stages in their buying cycle and secure interest is a given. But to achieve your goals and deliver sufficient contribution to sales, you need to be able to deliver volume and consistency.

MVF Marketing Leads

MVF Marketing Leads support a high-performance marketing team, delivering a scalable source of people interested in the products and services that you specialise in.

These leads have asked for more information, and have given their permission to receive marketing and sales content. It’s up to your team to inform, inspire, nurture and pass to sales colleagues when the time is right.

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform

1) MVF’s technology and teams create, optimise and distribute content and ads under one of our leading digital brands
2) Customers search online, read our articles or see one of our ads, emails or messages, and some then go on to complete of one of our enquiry forms
3) Details are checked to make sure contact information and customer requirements are valid
4) Leads are passed from our platform to your email or marketing automation software, normally via API (or through our client portal or email)
5) You provide content, nurture and lead score, passing to sales to close when ready