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Customer Generation in Marketing Technology

Relatively few industries have been impacted by the growth of digital technology as much as marketing and advertising. The plethora of products, platforms and services, ranging from CRM systems, marketing automation and email platforms, to social media monitoring and publishing tools now available to B2B and B2C marketers is overwhelming.

The result is a very active sector; one that can be hard to understand for buyers. It has probably never been harder to reach the decision makers in sales and marketing departments. So, instead of chasing after them, the smarter move is to allow them to come to you.

People working in marketing and sales roles are digitally savvy and well-placed to take control of their own purchasing decisions. Your best bet is to be in the right place at the right time when they are ready to talk. MVF’s Customer Generation Platform is a strong choice.

MVF’s Approach

Our proprietary technology is supported by a team of 250 marketing experts, and delivers sales and marketing leads to martech clients around the world every day. Sophisticated filtering and qualification means only relevant leads are passed on for client follow-up, supporting the acquisition of new customers at scale.

Flexible API functionality, as well as email transfer and client portal login options mean leads are passed to sales teams and marketing platforms efficiently to maximise conversion rates.

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform is continually optimised to deliver the quality and volume of leads you require to grow. The MVF+ service sees us partnering further with clients to optimise sales processes and conversion.

Client quote:
“MVF has delivered us a strong ROI over the course of our partnership. Consistently high quality lead volumes have enabled us to grow our sales team, and with it, both our U.S. and U.K. operations.”