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Customer Generation in Payments and Retail

Your customer’s choice of payment provider is a critical business decision, whether a start-up or a large, growing business. Receiving payment in-store, online, over the phone or in-app needs to be a great experience for customers. The process also needs to be cost-efficient, easy to maintain and “open” for your clients to connect to other systems

There are now over 300 payments providers servicing Europe and North America offering merchant accounts, card processing, ePOS, alternative and regular payment mechanisms. Differentiating your service, making the decision and purchase easy, onboarding new clients and retaining existing clients needs to be continually reviewed and optimised. But before all that, reaching new clients is a key determinant of growth.

The good news for businesses operating in this sector is that solutions provide real business benefit for companies in all industries and stages of maturity: the opportunity is huge. The challenge, however, in an intensely competitive environment, is getting to speak to sufficient volumes of interested prospects in a cost-effective way.

MVF’s Approach

We deliver high volumes of qualified MVF Sales-Ready Leads and MVF Marketing Leads to payments providers around the world. Our Customer Generation Platform filters leads to ensure only businesses that fit your criteria are passed to you for follow-up.

Our API, email transfer and client portal ensure leads are passed directly to your sales CRM, call centre or marketing platform. MVF+ is our service commitment to client success. We’ll invest time with you, optimising our platform and your sales processes to maximise conversion.

Client quote:
“MVF’s Customer Generation Platform delivers a volume and quality of leads that we haven’t seen from alternative sources. Safe in the knowledge that our pipeline will always be primed, we’re able to focus on conversion and making sales, and growing our business. MVF is part of that growth.”