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Customer Generation in the Pharmaceutical Sector

You often need a reliable stream of new people, drawn from many demographics, to ensure your products make it to market through rigorous testing. But reaching them can be difficult given the niche groups often required. With a sophisticated approach to digital engagement this challenge can be overcome, and it’s generally more cost-effectively than above-the-line or direct response media.

MVF’s platform, combing leading technology and over 250 marketing experts across disciplines such as publishing, CRM, social and channel optimisation, is ideally placed to support you.

MVF’s approach

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform delivers high volumes of recruits to pharmaceutical companies operating across the world. We ensure only people who are receptive and likely to convert are passed to your engagement teams.

Flexible real-time access to enquires - either via API, email or our client portal - means you can trigger action to maximise conversion. MVF+ is also available to clients after three months of partnership. This service sees us working with clients to review and optimise their processes to maximise performance.