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Customer Generation in Software

Businesses of all sizes know that making the right decisions when it comes to software and cloud-based services can deliver significant efficiencies. However, the huge increase in software and technology options available to businesses has created a situation where it can be a huge challenge for vendors to stand out from the crowd. This becomes a very real problem when market share increase and adding to your client list are towards the top of your objectives list.

The challenge becomes especially pronounced when targeting time-poor people working in smaller businesses, whose job descriptions may not include trawling through lots of competing websites. In many instances buyers are very much in control of the decision making process, and attempts to influence it often don’t meet with success.

In this kind of environment, it’s essential vendors are on-hand to answer enquiries and provide a responsive customer experience when buyers decide they want to reach out. The challenge is knowing when a buyer wants to talk.

MVF’s approach

MVF’s Customer Generation Platform is the ideal answer to these challenges, as it focuses on the creation of the kind of inbound leads that typically come right at the end of the buyer journey; when a purchase is imminent.

Our trusted digital brands (including Expert Market and Approved Index) collect expressions of interest from businesses looking to make software purchases, which are then passed through our platform, and via an in-depth screening process, over to client CRM teams for follow-up. Pre- and post-qualification methodologies ensure that only the most likely-to-purchase leads are passed to clients, meaning your sales teams are able to focus less on prospecting and more on closing deals.

The MVF+ service also helps ensure client sales processes are fine-tuned to convert high volumes of inbound leads as efficiently as possible.

Client quote:
“MVF’s focus on delivering inbound leads means we see extremely competitive lead-to-sales ratios, that are extremely hard to match from alternative outsourced marketing initiatives. Additionally, their international reach means that we’re able to target customers in further afield and launch in new territories with relative ease.”