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Customer Generation in Telco

Your customers’ businesses rely on being able to communicate effectively and efficiently with clients, suppliers and colleagues. Finding the right providers of business phone systems, mobiles, lines, VoIP, communications software, apps and support services are business-critical decisions for organisations of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, around the world.

The potential market for businesses working in this sector is huge. But there is no shortage of competition, and with features and service plans often offering relatively little differentiation, getting in front of interested prospects first is frequently the key factor facilitating customer acquisition.

Ambitious telco providers aiming to attract new customers and increase market share partner with us to remove the hassle of finding new prospects. We’re able to facilitate your growth by ensuring your sales teams spend more time selling and less time prospecting.

MVF’s approach

Our Customer Generation Platform delivers large volumes of pre-qualified sales ready and marketing leads to telcoms clients across the globe. Sophisticated filtering methodologies ensure that only interested businesses that match your requirements are passed over for follow-up, while efficiencies are maximised thanks to our flexible API and client portal.

As a trusted growth partner for some of the world’s largest and most high growth telcoms providers, our commitment to client success sits at the heart of our operation. Via our MVF+ product we’re able to work with clients to fine tune the platform to meet individual needs, as well as to help ensure your sales processes and follow-up tactics are ideally structured to ensure return on investment is maximised.

We grow when you grow, and that’s why we enjoy an impressive client retention rate of 96 per cent.

Client quote
“Not all approaches work in the B2B customer generation process. However the unique approach adopted by MVF has generated a good volume of quality leads, which we would struggle to attract from traditional avenues.

“The qualification and validation process ensures that not only do we receive genuine sales opportunities but we are also provided with vital information about the business and their requirements. Over 12 months we have generated over £1,000,000 in sales revenue with MVF.”