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Customer Generation in Travel

The internet has revolutionised the travel industry. Consumers are significantly more in control of the buying process than ever before, which has led to huge changes in how holiday, travel and cruise companies have to go about attracting new customers.

Cruise companies, for example, have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past decade, particularly among younger adults attracted by the money-saving benefits of all-inclusive travel. However, with hundreds of providers and journeys to choose from, finding the right cruise holiday that offers the best value can be time-consuming.

The plethora of options available to consumers, and their appetite for self-education, means a focus on the generation of inbound leads is the sensible approach. However, this can often be difficult, as content creation, SEO, the upkeep of digital assets, channel selection and remaining responsive to prospect demand are all incredibly resource intensive, and can serve as a distraction from your main aims. A customer generation partner can offer significant competitive advantage.

MVF’s Approach

A unique combination of proprietary technology and our team of 250 in-house marketing experts underpins MVF’s ability to help your organisation boost its customer generation performance. Sophisticated cross-platform marketing, real-time optimisation and advanced qualification processes ensure that MVF clients in the travel sector receive only the most likely-to-convert leads. These people have come to us and said they are looking to buy.

Because we’re already working in this sector, generating leads every day, no time is lost in account set-up or with the creation of complicated project briefs. Our focus is providing sales-ready leads, meaning yours can be placed on closing deals. The MVF+ service is also available to ensure that we’re working as efficiently as possible with client sales teams to maximise conversion, and increase revenue.

Client quote:
“Our partnership with MVF allows us to really focus on meeting our quarterly l growth targets. Rather than losing hours every week to hit-and-miss prospecting, my sales team is able to concentrate on talking to the prospects and customers that are looking to purchase now.”