MVF Events: Prime Fuel – Dr. John Briffa

This year MVF has introduced a monthly speaking event where different inspirational people are invited to share their expert knowledge with the company.

At MVF we are always appreciative of fresh perspectives which can help inform our business strategy and these monthly talks provide us with the chance to listen to and start conversations with thought leaders from a huge range of different industries.

In January, Dr. John Briffa came to speak to us about how we fuel our bodies at work.

With such an ambitious and results driven workforce the talk was very popular with MVFers keen to learn how a change in diet could improve their daily focus.

Briffa gave actionable advice on the foods we should feast on and those best avoided, and explained the science to back this up.

The snack of choice for professionals was ‘nuts’ – according to Briffa, the go-to high protein, high performance afternoon snack, perfect for retaining energy and focus for the remainder of the working day.

Jared Keleher, who attended the talk, commented: “There’s such a saturated ‘health food’ market today that it was really useful to get some scientific fact from someone with the credentials to back it up.

Some health fad myths were definitely busted which was really helpful”. Karla McDougall, another attendee, said: “The ‘mid-afternoon slump’ is all too familiar for so many of us and Briffa was able to give clear advice on how to avoid this.”

Since the talk the MVF office management team have started ‘#MadMarch’, a new initiative to ban all the unhealthy breakfast and snack options previously on offer and replace them with much healthier alternatives.

This month the MVF cupboards have been transformed from sugar saturated shelves of shame to plentiful stores of gloriously nutritious food choices to fuel everyone for a great day at the office.

Sugar infested cereals masquerading as healthy breakfast options have been replaced with fresh avocados, eggs, chia pudding and fruit.

A photo competition has been launched for the most deliciously instagrammable breakfast picture and the company has gone wild for the new healthy start to the day.

Check out some of our recent insta-perfect breakfast creations here .

Thanks to Dr. Briffa’s food for thought MVFers are thoroughly enjoying their new healthy #MadMarch breakfasts and feeling fully energised to smash spring targets.