Bathwraps is a bathroom remodelling company that has found success with MVF’s help. Learn more.

The Challenge

BathWraps began working with MVF in January 2019, with an initial focus on securing high-quality, high-intent prospects for their walk-in-tub product. Since then they also tasked MVF with providing leads for their one-day bath remodel program.

The Partnership

MVF has been 100% committed to helping BathWraps meet its client acquisition success metrics. Iterative improvement has underpinned the partnership from the outset, with MVF closely monitoring performance and improving campaigns as the vertical grew.

Regular communication and routine data checks have been essential elements of the work undertaken to improve results and achieve strong conversion rates. As a result of MVF’s commitment and lead delivery that was well above metrics, BathWraps are planning to triple the partnership to receive over 1800 leads per month.

MVF is committed to continually optimizing to hit our metrics


Despite bathroom remodeling being a new category to MVF at the time, our marketing and sales teams quickly managed to develop it into a highly successful industry focus. BathWrap’s order volume has grown to around 500-600 leads per month as MVF optimized campaigns and operations to reflect client need, while also working to grow the quality and quantity of the leads. The partnership continues to be a success, with BathWraps successfully increasing business orders nationwide as a direct result of working with MVF leads.

During Covid 19

Thanks to effectively implementing new processes and remote working and consultation solutions, BathWraps remained open for business during the crisis. Their ability to continue helping new prospects and clients over this time was supported by MVF, as we were able to ensure leads and opportunities continued to flow in during the pandemic.

The Client:

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