Having beat expectations, Web.com increased lead volume with MVF from 500 to 2000 a month. Find out more.

The Challenge

Web.com needed to create a high-quality and high-volume source of demand in the UK and acquire sales-ready leads for their sales agents to follow up. For MVF, the challenge was very simple: supplying leads that would convert at a more efficient rate than those Web.com secured with other partners.

The Partnership

As the focus was on beating historical performance, MVF account managers prioritised collaborating with Web.com to really understand the business’s success metrics, and identify long-term solutions that would deliver the highest conversion rates. This involved regular contact, in-depth process reviews, and a consultation day at Web.com HQ with management teams and sales agents. 

These efforts helped identify opportunities for optimisation in MVF’s standard campaigns, and within Web.com’s own lead follow-up processes. After the learnings were implemented, the benefits were quickly realised in the form of both volume and conversion uplifts.

Great management relationship and always offering ways to help and improve our lead generation operation


The high-quality, sales-ready leads generated through this partnership had a conversion rate that exceeded Web.com’s expectations, resulting in a decision to increase monthly lead volume from 500 to almost 2,000. 
After implementing the recommended changes to sales follow-up, Web.com was also able to celebrate a conversion increase from 2% to 7%. This partnership has positively impacted Web.com’s management of inbound leads and their overall business growth. 

What's next

MVF continually optimises campaigns to maximise client conversion rates and follow up processes. This long-term commitment to outstanding support and continuous review of performance, means MVF will remain the partner of choice in Web.com’s lead generating activities.

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