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Finding a New Job: MVFers Top Tips

If you’ve just finished your uni degree, a recent graduate job search can be daunting. How can you find the right career for you?

Well, we asked some of our new recruits how they found their dream position at MVF and what their top tips are for anyone looking for a new job.

Who did we ask?

Michael Tawiah - Senior Emerging Paid Media Executive

Jess Castillian - CRM Executive

James Tilby-Jones - CRM Executive

Arlo Barry - Business Development Manager

Eleanor Rafe - Business Development Manager

Simon Carmichael - Business Development Manager

How did they go about looking for a new job?

Arlo: I had a really strong group of University friends so I started by asking around, if anyone knew of any vacancies. One of them did and he referred me for a job here.

James: When applying for jobs I found there were a huge number of formats you could go through. I ended up applying via Milk Round, but LinkedIn is definitely a great place to look.

Jess: I agree with LinkedIn, what I did was have the app installed on my phone. So you just put all of your criteria in and it send you notifications and lists via email. One thing I will say is that if you are going to apply via LinkedIn you need to have your full profile. It does take some time but it makes all the difference.

What are their graduate job interview tips?

Simon: Research the company, know exactly what they do and just prepare any answers to any questions that you think are going to come up in the interview because it’s much easier to do that before than when you are nervous in the interview.

Michael: Just be yourself! Each business is full of individuals with their own characters, I think it’s really important that you bring your own character to the table and show who you are as an individual.

Arlo: My advice would be to be as proactive and honest as possible, if you are honest and you don’t tell any white lies you’re going to pass with flying colours.

Eleanor: Don’t be upset if you don’t know everything, just ask as many questions as you can, it shows that you are engaged if you are trying to be proactive and learn more in your interview.

Jess: I think people can be scared of asking questions because they don’t want to to seem like they don’t know anything but it’s pretty much the opposite. It shows you are interested, you are engaging with people and it gives you the opportunity to start a conversation as well which makes the whole interview way funner, way easier and helps you relax into it a little bit.

So, if you’re having trouble finding a job hopefully some of these tips will help you out!
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