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A Day In The Life: Alex Maclachlan, Senior CRM Executive

Q: What’s your name and which team do you work in?
A: Alex Maclachlan, Senior CRM Exec. I work in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) team. We specialise in communicating with our customers in new and innovative ways. Mainly we do this through email and SMS, but we’re branching into new platforms such as WhatsApp.

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you get in every morning?
A: Quick shower if I have cycled in (using the freshly laundered towels - no more stinky damp towels in my kit bag), followed by a pretty hearty breakfast. My usual is scrambled egg on sourdough toast, with fried cherry tomatoes and spinach, washed down with a filtered coffee (or in the warmer months, a CRM-team speciality of an Iced Coffee) - all provided by MVF of course!

Q: How would you explain your job to Frank, our office dog?
A: Hello scruffy, what’s that you’re chewing on? I send lots of emails to small but mighty business owners. The aim is to help them find the perfect products to make their lives easier!

Q: What has been your biggest achievement?
A: Winning ‘Best New Starter of the Year 16/17’ is probably the most momentous accolade to date. What made it even better, was the previous winner was also a fellow CRMer. To top it all off, I won the award whilst celebrating hitting a massive company milestone in a beach bar in Ibiza!

Q: What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
A: The autonomy and complete ownership you have over your own progression. It’s something that really stood from the MVF website, and was further reinforced when I came in for interview. There is no limit to your growth, and the company and your team will do everything to help you get there. I’ve developed my own speciality in Commercial Strategy, and I’m in the midst of forming my own niche area to progress into this field. This has been fully supported by my team and Manager, so much so that they’re connecting me with the people in the business who I need to speak to.

Q: What surprised you most about your role at MVF?
A: The quality and speed of the onboarding in CRM. The CRM academy has been created by the team, and the training is conducted by every CRMer in their specialism. I went from never having used a pivot table to being able to build one in 2 months. I didn’t really know what HTML was when I started, and within a month of the training I was editing and coding my own emails - the training is incredible and the people who run it are even better.

The other nice surprise was how helpful everyone is. If I was ever struggling with something, I was honest and just asked for help - everyone would always give me the time to coach me through it which definitely helped towards my long-term learning.

Q: What are your job application and interview tips?
A: Backup everything you say about yourself or your experience with a clear example - the STAR model is great for this. There is nothing more worrying as an interviewer than hearing a list of skills read out with no examples, and little explanation.

I know it’s hard to not be nervous about an interview but try not to be! We’re not there to ‘grill you’ like you’ll see in other industries. We are just trying to find out if the job is right for you, and if you are right for the job - we are a super friendly and warm bunch.

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