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MVF Smash Annual Targets And Go Celebrate In Oxford

When you smash your annual targets, it makes sense to celebrate. Jesus College in Oxford was taken over by MVF for one glorious summer night in early September.

After a short bus journey up to Oxford we arrived in Jesus College. We were blown away by the beauty of the place as sunlight streamed into the quad while we waited for our room keys.

A small armada of punts were boarded by intrepid MVF staff as we set off up the Isis. The first hurdle was getting under the Magdalen Bridge. Remarkably it’s still standing after Freddie’s attempts to knock it down. After zig-zaging up and down the river banks, we came across a variety of taxing obstacles including low hanging trees and a huge turtle/terrapin sitting on a bush over the river. Matthias’ poor attempts at steering almost sent the unsettled turtle into the water but luckily we managed to avoid him.

Back on dry land, we managed to get back in time for a quick change into black tie and then Champers in the quad. We then processed into the main Jesus College dining hall which is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Oxford. The college itself was founded by Elizabeth 1st in 1571 and has some famous alumnus including Lawrence of Arabia, Harold Wilson, John Gray and Niall Ferguson.

After a delightful meal, a short speech and an awards ceremony, the college allowed us to purchase a few of their finest bottles of port for quaffing in the JCR. The evening had seemed a very civilised affair up to drinks in the JCR, after which we descended upon a night club in town, which is where I should draw a close to this blog post.

Thanks all MVF staff for hitting targets and allowing us to go celebrate in such style.

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