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My Time as an MVF Apprentice


To those of you who do not know me, my name is Ayomipo, I am MVF’s very first apprentice. I work within the Software Hub as a Paid Search Executive. I usually go by Ayo or (I-Yo) if you’ve seen me floating around on slack (lol). I wanted to use this blog as a chance to give you all an insight on the last 15 months for me as an MVFer/Digital Marketing apprentice.

Starting off with my background, I am a university leaver who still wanted to get into the industry I did my degree in, which was Marketing. I always knew that an apprenticeship would be a great way to see if this industry was for me as I could actively be working within it whilst learning. I have had an interest in marketing since I was in Sixth Form as I do love using technology but also elements of psychology to connect with customers.

An apprenticeship is a qualification that can last anywhere from 1-5 years and from that you can receive a level 2 up to a level 7 qualification which is equivalent to a degree, so the possibilities are great for apprentices. I have completed a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with the training provider Whitehat.

I feel really lucky to have been able to complete this qualification through Whitehat because they make the whole experience of being an apprentice more than just the course work and your job. I was given the opportunity to do things above and beyond my day to day. 

One highlight was the chance to be a hacktivist – a volunteer who visits schools to talk to year 11s up to year 13s about the route of apprenticeships. I’ll be honest, the young people were intimidating, because in some cases they have already made their choice for their future, but I always though that if at least 1 person in the room of up to 200 considered an apprenticeship, I felt very accomplished. I’d get loads of questions and people asking for more information at the end of the presentations and felt very fulfilled from it. It was a great feeling and I continued doing that for around 4 months.

Another thing I was allowed to do was visit other offices and hear about the experiences for other apprentices further into their programs. I went to the Tottenham Court Road Google offices and the Mindshare offices, gave me a good look into more digital marketing companies and made me excited for my career in the DM field.

I felt very welcomed at MVF, when I first started my apprenticeship, I felt no difference to all the new starters in my Start Smart Cohort “Augustus Groop”. The pace for learning was fast, but I enjoyed it, I was able to meet a lot of the Senior Executives in SEM whilst learning all of these new skills. Over time however, I did feel a behind as my apprenticeship started to require more of me, I would be gone for weeks at a time and had to catch up again – my team made sure I was up to standard!

A highlight of my early times at MVF was MVF Fest. I was able to fully take in MVF’s culture and how MVF celebrates! It was a chance for my fellow new starters and I to see how large work events run and what employees get from them. I vividly remember the talk on “Squiggly Careers”, an easy concept to get your head around, but a relief because it highlights the truth about finding your career and purpose isn’t an easy feat. Everyone hyped up how much fun the events are as you’re able to speak to MVFers you’d never meet on a day-to-day basis. I recall meeting a lot of the Heads Of and even Michael Tex and speaking to them in a setting in which spirits were high made me less nervous as it was still my first month!


LEEP was really a driving force in my love for MVF also. Being a part of it right from the beginning gave me something to call my own, something to be attached to, it made me feel like I was more than my job title. It was a lot of stress, getting it up from the ground, but it was all worth it in the end. I made friends, developed relationships and again I was able to connect with people who I related to often, all adding to my work experience.

Back to my apprenticeship experience, I’d like to speak about my coach, Kirsten. Kirsten was a great support system during my apprenticeship, she was well aware of what I was capable of and she made sure I achieved it. We developed a relationship over the course of the year that made the apprenticeship seem like less of a burden on my work but made sure that the two were balanced. I will say she made sure my work was at a standard that would guarantee my grade at the end was more than just a pass. I started to enjoy sending in my work and getting in the corrections in our sessions. 

My efforts and the support of my coach Kirsten, my manager Komal and a handful of others allowed me to gain a distinction as my final grade!

Now looking back on my first 15 months, I can be honest and say it was difficult, there was many a time I felt swamped in work and apprenticeship commitments. It was not always easy as I was still expected to withhold the standard that is given to Execs. However, my manager always brought me back to the surface and assisted in getting me back on track.

As MVFs first apprentice, I feel honoured that I was chosen and I made it to the end! The apprentices that hopefully come after me will too have a great experience and enjoy the different, bumpy but rewarding journey to becoming a great MVFer!

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