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This is What Goes Down at Our Lunch Time Boxing Club

At MVF, we think it’s important that our people take some time away from their desk to break up the working day and mingle with colleagues outside of work meetings. It boosts our productivity and helps us feel energised for the afternoon ahead.

What better way to do this than a bit of midday sparring?

Every Wednesday at 12.30pm sharp MVF descends upon the London office’s local St Pancras Amateur Boxing Club, ready to work up a sweat. Each week a different boxer wears the calorie burn counter and the competition is fierce. To start, no nonsense head coach CJ whips us into shape with high intensity bursts of cardio blasting, boxing classic - skipping. Five minutes in and if you’re not sweating buckets you’re not doing it right.

Next it’s gloves on and straight to the punching bags with a partner, taking turns to fine tune boxing technique and punch out any stress. This is a great time to bond with colleagues, encouraging them to smash out those last few punches when they start to flag. After a few rounds it hurts to hold your gloves up and upper body muscles you didn’t even know existed will be burning.

At the sound of the bell it’s back to the floor for strength and conditioning. Groans, moans and grunts punctuate the air as CJ sculpts our abs, glutes and biceps with extreme circuit drills. Current calorie burn champion Jessica Laporte says: “It’s a lunchtime sweatfest but you feel unbelievable afterwards, like you can achieve anything”. John Abebrese from the tech team founded the boxing club, which is now one of MVF’s most popular sports groups. He says: “boxing is fantastic because it brings different teams together, and everyone is continuously encouraging you to get the best out of yourself”.

Boxing regular Emma Leigh-Morgan comments: “the sessions enable us to get rid of any pent up frustration in a healthy way, it’s really therapeutic!”

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