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MVF's Donut Dates

The MVF offices have started the new year with a new initiative to make the already solid company culture even more friendly. We have introduced the MVF Coffee Club with the help of Donut bot on Slack. Company team members are fortnightly matched with another member of the channel at random and encouraged to meet for coffee, lunch, or donuts.

Becky Harper who set up the MVF Coffee Club shares what inspired this new endeavour:“Culture is such an important part of MVF, we have a Lab made up of employees dedicated to ensuring that as we grow, our culture still thrives. We were discussing ways to help people from different areas of the business meet up and get to know each other better, not just to learn more about their job roles but also what makes them tick and what they get up to outside of MVF. Our CEO mentioned a great slack plug in he had heard about that used an algorithm to match people up from different areas of the business called Donut and we were really keen to give it a try.”

For the culture of a company to thrive it takes more than slides instead of stairs, rather it is about creating an environment that encourages cross- departmental friendships. We caught up with Adelle, from the SEO team, who went to the pub for a pie with Julian, who is Emerging Paid Media Manager. Conversation quickly flowed:“We initially discussed his Colombian heritage and my inability to speak good Spanish, despite living there for four years, and other travel stories. Talk inevitably turned to work and I think we both got a lot of value discussing our main interests and challenges within our roles. Since ‘donuting’ – Julian has begun some testing on our site’s Twitter account, and we’ll continue to share knowledge, results and ideas! Oh and the occasional meme video.”

Michael Teixeira CFO said he thoroughly enjoyed his first Donut Date with sales team member Freddie Clamp. Last Friday they met in Susan’s bar and discussed current projects over a glass of red wine: “MVF’s Donut Scheme is a terrific fun way get to know people in other teams and to share challenges and opportunities, to improve the way we collaborate.”

The individual teams within MVF are already well known for their strong relationships, this scheme is to help towards making this universal and contribute towards mentorship. “I think the Donut Date is a great way to get to know fellow MVFers with whom we don't work on a day to day basis. I got to meet Erika and learnt more about her and the Trade Marketing role that she is in. I don't work with her often so I really appreciated the opportunity.” said Andrew Harkness, COO.

These inter-team meet ups is exactly what the Donut team had in mind: “Having a good friend at work makes people feel more valued and appreciated, and leads to greater productivity and sense of belonging.” Who could say no to a 5 pm donut date?

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