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MVF's Football Club

Football is a company club classic and here at MVF football fans get together twice a week to play ‘the beautiful game’. This is just one of the ways in which MVF promotes a healthy work life balance and encourages employees to keep fit and active throughout the working week.

Teams of mixed ability players are chosen before each game with a range of junior and senior MVF staff; our CEO Titus and founding partner Simon Venturi often play with the newest starters, welcoming them to MVF life with a good kick about. Football regular Matthew Orchard says “it’s a really successful way for different members of the company hierarchy to integrate” and he really enjoys football in particular as it enables him to exercise in a “sociable yet competitive environment, helping to alleviate the stress of the working day”.

Though the teams are usually different every week there have been games pitting specific MVF business teams against each other. In these instances the rivalry ramps up a notch and the footballers fire up their fancy footwork to compete for the glory of best office team. Games against other London based businesses have also been organised, where MVF football favourite Joe Schofield is said to have scored a record nine goals in one match!

CRM Manager, Matej Orlicky says: “playing football with my work pals is great because I can release any negative energy on the football pitch in a friendly manner and do something positive for my health at the same time”. Football is a key part of MVF life and is instrumental in creating and reinforcing strong bonds between colleagues. Good relationships, communication and teamwork are central to MVF company culture and are aspects of good business practice that football can really improve. Well played.

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