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The Great MVF Bake Off!

It is no secret – here at MVF we LOVE food. That’s why when we were brainstorming fundraising ideas for charity we knew there was one sure-fire way to get people to dig deep into their pockets. The phrase “the way to the heart is through the stomach” has never been truer.
Welcome to one of the fiercest competitions in MVF history; The Great MVF Bake Off.

The competition kicked off at 9.30am sharp with the judging panel getting first dibs and selecting the winning masterpieces. Sadly, Mary Berry couldn’t make it down but in her place were four of MVF’s wonderful directors; CEO Titus Sharpe, Dan Tobin, Amy Catlow, Amanda Nuttall and Michael Teixeira.
It seemed the rule of the day was strictly sweet; delectable pecan & chocolate cookies, zingy lemon frosted cupcakes, a double chocolate ganache cake plus a wonderfully light lemon drizzle wonder.

By 10am the bake sale announcement went live and no one could keep the teams at their desks.

The Bake Off crown went to Cat Gray from Market Research, who won a set of super kitchen scales plus a bottle of Prosecco. Cat opted for carrot cake with a twist, sculpting a real bonfire scene complete with a Guy Fawkes center piece. Cat had a long-term strategy for the bake off having spent a fair amount of time planning for the big day. She said: “I had practised a few different variations over the weekend, so by competition day my family were fairly sick of carrot cake!”

The staff were in awe at the level of intricacy and detail of Cat’s hand-rolled Guy Fawkes icing topper; the winning element of the cake. Cat continued: “The whole cake took around five hours to make, the majority of time spent making the Guy Fawkes, but it was definitely worth it. I’m so happy to have won and to have played a part in fundraising for such a fantastic cause.”

Nikita from CRO came in second place with his scrumptious raspberry topped cheesecake. Renowned for his mad cheesecake-making skills, Nikita’s bake was one of the fastest selling of the day.

Darrin Wood from HR scooped third place with a deliciously moreish chocolate tart finished with an epic belated Halloween-themed spider web design. Both Nikita and Darrin were also awarded a bottle of bubbly.

Another highly commended cake came from email marketing’s Georgia Benham. The judges were highly impressed with the level of technical skill that went into Georgia’s incredible 4-layered chocolate orange sponge cake topped with flame inspired decorations made from caramel and popping candy. The interior of the cake boasted a perfect orange colour gradient making it one of the most photographed bakes of the day.

The highlight was learning that we had made a phenomenal £350.00 from only 13 cakes (we knew we could rely on the infinitely hungry stomachs of our staff!). Jared Keleher, CSR Chairman said: “Our bake off was a huge success and not only did we see some amazing works of edible art, we managed to raise a small fortune for Leonard Cheshire.”

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