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International Women's Day Wax Off Raises Over £2,000

Tuesday 8th March marked the 41st annual international Women’s Day, where people from all corners of the world come together to call for gender equality and celebrate the triumphs of women everywhere.

MVF is proud to be home to some of the UK’s brightest digital minds and we know that top talent is not gender biased, so to show our support for the quest for equality we decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. The women at our company wanted to set a challenge for the men at MVF to make them aware of the some of the ridiculous rituals women have to go through to conform to society. The challenge? A sponsored full leg wax in front of the entire company that would be live streamed on the official International Women’s Day website.

As expected, our brilliant founders and senior male managers from both our UK and US office all signed up to show their solidarity. Our brave waxees included CEO Titus Sharpe, Michael Teixeira (CFO), Simon Venturi (co-founder and Technical Director) Dan Tobin (Commercial Director), Joe Schofield (Head of Marketing) James Kiernan (Head of Email), Nick Belcher (Market Research Managing Director). From the US office: Kester Hodgson (Senior VP Sales, USA), Charlie Parkin (Business Development) and Josh Gambill (Sales).

Each of our brave waxees were assigned their own “beautician” aka female members of the company with no professional experience of hair removal. James Kiernan comments: “I think the most terrifying part was just as we were about to start and one of the waxers asked where to spread the wax - that’s when I really started to question what I had signed up for! Safe to say it was just as painful and uncomfortable as it looks.”

By the time the UK office were applying the aloe lotion, it was time for MVF’s US office in Austin, Texas to take up the challenge. From the look of the pictures and videos they sent over, it looks as if the women there enjoyed their role as beautician as much as we did here!

The screams of pain were muffled only by the amazingly supportive cheering of our staff watching the event unfold. Despite some sore, red skin, dried wax in uncomfortable places and terribly patchy legs, our staff raised a phenomenal £2,135 which goes to our charity partners Castlehaven Community Association, who run regular events targeted at Camden’s local residents including support groups for new mums, workshops for getting women back into employment and activities for the elderly.

Jared Keleher, CSR chairman comments: “I am overwhelmed by the amazing support from our colleagues for the MVF wax off. We managed to raise a staggering £2K in just under a week which is a new record for the company! This would not have been possible without the dedication of the brave waxees who now have to endure the gruelling chore of waiting for their leg hair to grow back evenly, though many of the cyclists in the group reported record commuting times this morning thanks to their new aerodynamic pins.”

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