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MVF Events: Mobfit

MVFers have access to a wide range of sports and social clubs, everything from frisbee and football to book club and choir.

One of the company’s all time favourites, though, is our sessions with personal trainers Mobfit - we love it so much we run three session every week!

Mark and Rob have been whipping MVFers into shape for quite a few years now, so when they offered to come in and talk to us about health we literally jumped at the chance - squat jumps, that is.

Mobfit ran us through their ‘Pillars of 9 to 5 Health’, and the energy the boys brought to the room was incredible. They don’t just know their stuff, they are super passionate about it too.

The key takeaways from this talk were all about nutrition, exercise and sleep.


The guys ran us through the merits of a range of diets, from fasting to seasonal eating. We all concluded that eating a variety of foods is important, and really, the less processed the better. If you eat right you shouldn’t really need to take supplements, but Vitamin D can be a big help in the UK where we don’t see a great deal of sun.


Unfortunately, most jobs at MVF are reasonably sedentary - we’re in tech and marketing so have a fair bit of screen time and meetings. Therefore, getting active where we can is really important to overall health. That’s one of the reasons why MVF’s leaders invest in wellbeing initiatives like PT. Other ways to boost energy levels and get exercise hours up are going to walks or runs in a lunch break, even if it’s just around the block; getting off a stop or two earlier on the bus or tube and walking the remaining distance; and of course hitting the gym or playing sport before or after work to burn calories.


As Mark and Rob pointed out, sleep is one of the most forgotten factors of health but it is often one of the most neglected! Sleep - and not just superficial sleep, deep REM sleep - does incredible things for the body to help it operate at its peak.

So, thanks to Mark and Rob, we’ve all kicked off the new year by taking extra advantage of the healthy breakfast offering and PT sessions at MVF and aiming to get enough sleep for our body!

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