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MVF Events: Puzzle Fit

Lisa Kabouridis went through a career change a few years ago, realising she was no longer fulfilled working in market research and taking up a coaching course as a way to get some professional development. She fell in love with the concepts, and the feeling helping others succeed, and since has started her own coaching business - Puzzle Fit.

‘Follow your heart’, ‘What is your gut telling you’, ‘Use your head’ - these are all phrases we’ve heard when it comes to decision making, but have you ever really thought about what they mean?

Research has determined we have three intelligences or neural networks at our disposal; the cephalic brain (head), enteric brain (gut) and cardiac brain (heart). Each of these contain large numbers of neurons and ganglia, and have neural plasticity, or the ability to ‘learn’.

The concept of mBraining describes the process of using these multiple ‘brains’ to help you make decisions, or align your thoughts and desires with your actions to make the ‘right’ choices for you.

By using techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness to connect with each of your ‘brains’ you can communicate with them and determine the ways in which they are telling you to respond in certain situations.

Lisa believes that by practicing this you can make sure you are basing your decisions on the very best versions of your ‘brains’; a creative head, compassionate heart and courageous gut.

At the start of Lisa’s talk the room was instructed to write down a decision they had to make. We then did the mBraining exercise to see if we could get in touch with each of our ‘brains’ for guidance. Across the room the exercise received quite a few mixed reactions - some were able to communicate with their head, heart and gut to guide them, while others found it hard to connect with their gut in particular.

If this sounds interesting, Lisa recommended some further reading: Dr David Dotlich’s Head, Heart and Guts and Professor Richard Boyatzis’ Resonant Leadership.

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