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MVF Management Development Academy Receives National Accreditation

Earlier this year MVF launched an internal, bespoke initiative for its up and coming leaders; the Management Development Academy. The program runs for six months and covers seven core leadership learning modules - everything from hiring world class teams to being a flexible leader.

Just six months after its launch, the MDA has officially been endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management as an accredited development program.

This news means the MDA course has been quality assured by the ILM, and that our graduates will receive endorsed certificates - a genuine qualification in management which is recognised outside of MVF.

A project driven by MVF’s dedicated People Team, the accreditation is a major milestone towards the business’ goal to develop world class teams across its North London and Austin, Texas offices.

“The MDA program has already been an incredible success, with early feedback indicating that managers are finding the program extremely valuable and their teams are noticing benefits from having highly skilled, motivated and capable managers,” said Andrea Pattico, MVF Chief People Officer.

“This is an amazing achievement for MVF’s People team, who have worked tirelessly to bring this program to life and achieve accreditation with the UK’s leading provider of leadership qualifications. Having an in-house development program specifically designed for MVF that is endorsed by an industry leading body is a huge win for us and our future leaders.”

MVF has created a sustainable program focused on long term success, with additional facilitator’s development sessions running alongside the MDA to transition the course facilitation from our external partners, Coachmatch and FizzPopBang, to in-house facilitators.

MVF recruits graduates and entry level positions, as well as managers and senior leaders, across a variety of roles; with jobs available in tech, digital marketing, SEO, sales and CRM. MVF has a host of roles open at the moment, for a full list and the chance to apply click here.

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