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MVF Fest 2019

MVF Fest 2019

Here at MVF we believe the key to success lies within our knowledge, which is why we’re very proud of our annual Ultimate Learning Festival - MVF Fest is where we enable our home grown talent to showcase some of the excellent work they have been doing, as well as the invaluable messages of learning from things that could have gone better!

This year’s was arguably the biggest and best one yet, being held at the Emirates Stadium with 38 speakers, running 23 talks across 3 breakout areas, topped off with an MVF social evening to boot.

We kicked off with an introduction from CEO Michael Teixeira, who had us all reflecting on and celebrating some of the awesome work that’s been going on at MVF recently - a very uplifting way to start the day!
We then heard content from a wide range of MVFers - here’s just a flavour of some of the subjects we covered:

Johnny Roberts

Showed us how the Facebook team took a campaign from -£1,000 GP to £19,000 GP in just 3 months, without adding a single cent to our RPL! We also discovered how to connect with absolutely anybody, even if you have nothing in common with them…

Harry Clarkson-Bennett & Fran Whittaker-Wood

Talked us through Clickability and SEO in 2019: How Google has changed over the years and what the Publishing Team do to keep MVF's websites eminently clickable.

Becky Bottle, Xav Lamour & Corey McKeegan

Demonstrated Creative Innovation: Cool External Stuff and How We Can Stay Ahead; using techniques on how to create the conditions necessary for creative thinking while being under high performance pressure.

Latheesan Kanesamoorthy & Jorge Garcia de Bustos

Took us on a journey of Lunar landers, Super Mario and supplier selection for MVF leads - A gentle intro to Machine Learning, and how it could help MVF optimize lead generation and delivery.

Ignacio Zamora & Tori Scott

Two of our sales legends chatted about Bossing Key Accounts: how to win big clients and keep them - What do the first 18 months of a key account's growth with MVF look like, and how we can influence it to our advantage.

Ben Van Rooyen & Greg Page

Told the fairytale of how MVF & Inspire Digital became A Match Made In Heaven: The inspiration behind creating Inspire Digital, the journey to joining MVF and the reasons why it’ll be a success.

Nick Belcher & Kester Hodgson

Gave an introduction to the Client Success team and a new way of looking at the top 27 clients who make up 60% of MVF's revenue. Monster relationships through the prism of performance data and response strategy.

Josh Joyner, Sophie Fleming & Nigel Haig

Presented a live episode of A game of 2 Halves (& 6 Hubs): The best of the action from MVF FC's 6 Hub formation, covering transfer news, red cards and goal of the season.

Matt Bye & Sergei Yaroshka

Gave an update on the Rise of the (chatty) Machines: we started with an overview of b2c/b2b market brands and how they use chatbots and what they’ve managed to achieve, followed by three areas where MVF can use chatbot tech were outlined and described in details how to do PoC implementation and what benefits it can bring to MVF.

Ben Griffiths & Alex Mac

Boldy shared a Lost & Learned story covering what the CRM team learned from a project that tested our organisation, communication and resilience.

Titus Sharpe

This annual talk made a comeback, exploring Internet Trends of 2019: The big picture of what is happening on the Internet, in Ad Tech, in Mar Tech and what types of fast growing platforms are out there. What are MVF’s competitors upto and a case study on Amazon’s success over the past 10 years.

The talks were capped off by a visit from inspiring guest speaker Helen Tupper who guided us through what Squiggly Careers look like, why it's ok - or even great - to have a squiggly career path and how to make the most of it!

We ended the day by voting for our favourite talk - and were delighted to announce a tie between Johnny Roberts’ Facebook talk and Creative Innovation session from Becky, Xav & Corey - although we must tip our hats to all of our speakers who did exceptionally well in creating and delivering their content.

Then we hit the bar for canapes and catch ups of what we’d learnt over a few drinks. Another successful MVF Fest done & dusted… Until next year!

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