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The Drum Shortlists MVF for Organic Team of the Year

MVF’s Publishing team has been shortlisted in the prestigious Search Awards held by The Drum. The team, comprised of editorial writers, technical SEO specialists, PR and Video is up for ‘Organic Team of the Year’.

2017 was a tough year for the SEO world with Google algorithm updates giving even the best organic ranking strategies a shake up.

Facing these challenges head on, MVF’s publishing managers looked to the horizon of where SEO was heading – a focus on quality, engaging content – and used this vision as the basis to rewrite their culture, restructure their teams and put in place changes that would ultimately future proof their business.

Coining the phrase 'qualture’ to describe their culture built around quality content, the Publishing team have achieved some incredible results to overcome the challenges they faced in early 2017.

MVF Director of Publishing Amy Catlow commented: “I am so proud of the Publishing team and everything they have achieved over the past year. We’ve genuinely evolved the way we operate, introducing a host of new processes and embracing a ‘build, measure, learn’ approach to creating innovative content for our users. Since introducing more opportunities for collaboration, the level of innovation and quality of content has improved dramatically, resulting in some of our best results to date.”

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