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New Starters Drinks

SINCE THIS January just gone by, MVF has made twenty two hires, mostly graduates and for positions in all departments of the company. We have a tradition here, to give them a proper welcome on the last Friday of every month. We call it the New Starters’ Drinks.

The idea is for everyone to meet the new arrivals and for us to introduce ourselves. It also helps them put names to the strange faces they see around the place. Most of the new starters have already been at MVF for a week or two by this stage, but for some this is actually their first day, and the best way for them to settle in.

First of all we get the new starters together to create some new starter solidarity. After finding out a little about each other they are introduced to the rest of us. This time round, Sam from HR gave a short welcome speech from the top of the stairs, before the new starters took it in turn to introduce each other - another tradition we have - because it’s less intimidating than that way.

New starters’ drinks is pretty simple really. Everyone meets everyone else, and we toast them with champagne to welcome them to the MVF flock. The pop! of a cork is a fine way to start the weekend.

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