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Pancake Day Crepes for Castlehaven

Today MVFers arrived in from the cold to the delicious smell of freshly flipped pancakes rustled up by our dedicated CSR committee. MVF are keen to make the most of every opportunity to raise money for our chosen charity, Castlehaven, especially if there’s some delicious baked goods involved.

Castlehaven is a local community association who provide inter-generational activities and facilities to inspire and empower those in the local community. Over the last year we have supported a number of projects with them including subsidising a new community garden and providing IT solutions.

One of the benefits of having such a diverse range of international staff is that we had a talented team of French crepe connoisseurs expertly catering for those who like their pancakes a mere mm thick. Those who like their pancakes ‘American style’ were also happily cooking up dozens of thicker little breakfast pancakes with lashings of maple syrup and all the trimmings.

Dozens of hungry MVFers flocked to the kitchen to sample the pancake breakfast bonanza. Around 50 pancakes were made and we raised over £100 for our chosen charity. CSR committee member Bobbi Brant commented: “It’s so great to put on these charity events, they may not be the biggest but we put on so many throughout the year that the numbers soon add up. Everyone has had a fantastically delicious start to the day and given back to the local community” - not bad at all for a Tuesday!

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