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MVF Wins Rounders Match

This Wednesday, MVF took to Primrose Hill to defend their title as ‘Fittest Company in the UK’. The challengers were Reward Gateway, an employee engagement company who had seen our blog post which asked any company who thought they were fitter to take us on.

From the outset Reward Gateway had the edge – they had branded team t-shirts, a ball, and most importantly, had played the game more than once. But MVF had the spirit of the underdog and the company’s reputation to uphold.

Reward Gateway won the toss and decided to field first, which proved almost disastrous for MVF’s team who lost several of their best hitters before they had even reached first base. Luckily, Ben Tivnen from the video team had our backs and we managed to finish the first half with a fighting chance.
Reward Gateway gave us a real challenge with Louise yellow t-shirt and Amy and Molly Green t-shirts proving formidable opponents.

We stopped for a quick drinks break and tactic talk and then went back to the field to secure a solid victory with notable fielding performances from Finance’s Stacey and quick-handed duo Matt Orchard and Tom Read.

To show there were no hard feelings we all had a friendly match to finish up, with both companies mixing teams. Rounders must be thirsty work as we managed to raise £250 for our charity through donations for drinks, too!

Grace Garland, self-appointed team captain comments: 'The fact that we had such a huge victory over the other team and stole such a massive lead over them in the second half was not really the point. Reward Gateway is a lovely company and they all made it a lot of fun. The real winner was the game of rounders, and of course MVF.'

If anyone else wants to take up the challenge, get in touch!

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