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Yoga Club at MVF

Healthiness and happiness typically go hand in hand and at MVF we are keen to ensure that our people are well looked after. Yoga is just one of the free activities MVF offers to employees to support their healthy and balanced lifestyles.

At 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays - yoga mats and water bottles in hand - the yogis of MVF gather on the top floor of our London offices, with panoramic views of the London skyline, for their class. After hours of sitting at desks MVF employees love that they have the opportunity to stretch and strengthen their limbs for free!

Yoga is the perfect way to regroup and rejuvenate after the working day, helping MVF staff to improve their strength in both mind and body. Yoga guru Petra caters for all abilities and begins each class with some gentle breathing exercises, giving participants the chance to relax and take in the incredible top floor view.

As the class progresses, good breathing technique and focus become increasingly important as the poses demand more strength and flexibility. Participants are encouraged to approach each challenge with a calm and collected attitude, a take away lesson that can really help individuals with their working days.

Marketing manager Sophie Fleming took her first yoga class at MVF and is now a regular, she finds that yoga is “great for strengthening your core and improving posture” and enjoys “watching the sun set in the beautiful top floor setting”. Logan Partridge of the MVF office management team feels he is “much more flexible and definitely more energetic” since starting yoga. He feels “really relaxed” and sleeps “much more soundly” after a class. He also finds yoga is “a great way to wind down after a long day of hard work, without reaching for wine or ice cream” - we’ve all been there! The benefits of yoga for MVF employees are clear to see, most emerge from the class and drift into the Kentish Town evening feeling a little lighter. Namaste.

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