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Sales Director Samairah Maqsood Highly Commended

MVF’s Sales Director Samairah Maqsood has been highly commended by Management Today’s Inspiring Women list. The Inspiring Women in Business Awards recognises the country’s visionary and groundbreaking businesswomen and Samairah was recognised alongside founder of Elvie,

Tania Boler and CEO of Zenith, Natalie Cummins. Starting as employee number 25 in back 2011, Samairah has grown the sales team from a team of 10 to a global team of 75 salespeople helping MVF deliver 30% growth year on year. Thanks to Samairah’s leadership, we also boast an incredible 95% client retention rate - something unheard of in customer generation. Samairah has devised a comprehensive sales academy to onboard and upskill new recruits - resulting in people who went through the course performing three times better than those who had not.

This year she also pioneered new KPIs to focus on new business - resulting in a 60% increase in new business revenue in the first three months of launch. As one of the first female directors, Samairah has taken her position as a trail-blazer in a male dominated profession very seriously. She helped spearhead a ‘ladies in sales’ group which, although representing only 15% of the total headcount, produced over 35% of new business at the end of 2019. Chief Revenue Officer Dan Tobin comments: “Samairah is an extremely impactful sales leader. She has very keen commercial instincts, she always focuses on the most valuable priorities and projects. She can manage a large team, not only by making them work hard but by inspiring them to believe in her vision.” Read the full list here:

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